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Il portale multitematico per lo sviluppo umano

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About us

Aisu  was born as a response to the need to participate as citizens in an active, direct, and pleasant and enjoyable whenever possible,  to the life of the territory.

It 's an invitation to the concrete realization of active and responsible citizenship,

with the meaning to provide opportunities for personal growth and social enrichment.

In relation to the overall purpose that Aisu arises, many and varied are the areas in which it operates  to find answers to the needs and for creating space for social interests , environmental, cultural, personal and spiritual development.

The world of associations today is particularly rich and varied.

There are many opportunities already existing in the territory. Aisu wants to be dynamically promoting the "interconnections" between the various associations,  between them and Local Authorities and Institutions, to promote cooperation through dialogue and, where possible, the confluence of the objectives.

In assuming that "the more we are, the better it is",  working in synergy develops a decisive driving force for the carrying out of the objective.

Aisu itself is a hub for the reception and open dialogue with respect to situations that are driving the changes of this historical period.

Working on the identity and simultaneously open up toward the horizon of  “the other “ are the two tracks on which the activities carried out by the Cultural Association for Human Development (AISU) run.

"Together towards Ithaca" is the motto that guides the work of Members, where "Ithaca" is in fact not so much the goal to attempt but the attention to the journey.


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